Hi, my name is Michelle Mayorga. I'm based in Houston, Texas. I live with my husband, Jesus, who is wonderful for so many reasons but most especially because he spoils me with ice-cream and donuts. I am a documenter, and I freeze memories best with my camera. On Instagram,  I share my travels on Escapist's Alley and archive unnecessarily important events of my life on Between Alleys. I created this personal blog to keep a vivid memory of everything good that unfolds before me.

I am many things to different people - therapist, artist, photographer. However, in this season of my life, my top priority and favorite hat to wear is being a wife and home maker. I am glad you found this page. Come, cook with me, style a house, organize and manage a home, play dress up, travel and explore places or simply chat about life. Please leave a comment or two (or more) or link with me at betweenalleys@gmail.com